The Fitness Experiment

We want to prove that following Crossfit based fitness protocols, "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity", along with a Paleolithic style of eating, can lead to a better mind, better body, and better life.

4/6/12: LK’s WOD

Today’s WOD was:

1. Work up 1 1RM Snatch (Option: Power Snatch + OHS)
2. Using 50% of 1RM, perform 3 Snatches + 3 Pullups OTMEM for 10 mins
3. 5 Rounds of 1 min Farmers Hold @ Max Weight + 1 min max situps

Part 1:  I got 75# for my 1RM Snatch.  I was positive I could get 80# but it just wasn’t in the cards today.  No PR for me. 

Part 2: I used 45# for the second part of the WOD and found it quite difficult to get the snatches and pullups in before my one minute was up.  My kipping pullups are getting better on the rings but using the bar today revealed that my kip from the bar simply sucks.  I have to find a way to fix that ugly and ineffective kip.

Part 3: Farmers hold - I hate that movement.  Hate it.  Because it is difficult.  I started with 15# dumbbells but drop them like 4 times the first round.  Next round, I dropped to 10# dumbbells and was able to hold them for the full minute for the next 2 rounds.  I dropped once the 4th round and none the 5 th round.  I got this many situps each round: 33, 31, 28, 28, 29.

All said and done for this week, the only parts of me that need attention are my hands and forearms (quite sore).  I managed to do 30 snatches + OHS and 30 pullups with no real issues with my shoulder.  I like.


4/4/12: LK’s WOD

Coach was back this morning but let me have a had in creating tday’s WOD, too.  I think this is fun!

Warmup with PVC Pass-throughs

Spend 15 min finding 1RM Front Squat (I tied my previous PR of 125).  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a front squat.  Too long, I’d say. 

5 RFT of 12 Double Unders (or 60 Single Unders) + 9 Front Squats at 65% of 1RM + 6 ring dips.

At round 2, I got frustrated with the Double Unders and opted for the Single Unders.  Then I was mad at myself for it.  So I stumbled through the Double Unders in round 3.  Round 4, some magic happened and the Double Unders came easier.  Not easy.  Just easier.  Same for round 5. All said and done, I had the most trouble with the ring dips. Yes, I’m still conscious of the shoulder but I’ve had more rest this week and think it’s fine.  I was just worn out!

Tabata Knees to Opposite Elbows - I did 4 rounds of these and got my knees up there 4 times per round.  Can’t say I made contact with the elbow but I was close.

I’ve also been practicing my kipping pullups a fair amount lately and they are looking and feeling much better.  I’m practicing mainly on the rings and I think I can do them better on the rings.  I just want to do them over and over and over now because I’m loving that they are getting better!


4/2/12: LK’s WOD

At our box, April has been designated as Overhead Squat (OHS) month. We decided to do video assessments of our athletes performing the OHS with a PVC, work on OHS and mobility all month and then reassess at the end of the month.

Here’s how we got started…

  1. Warm up with PVC pass-throughs, Sampson stretches, and inchworms stretches
  2. Review of OHS technique and practice using PVC
  3. Video assessments (mine is here)

Main WOD 15 min partner AMRAP consisting of:

  1. 25 Tuck Jumps (partner #1)
  2. KB swings for the time it takes partner #1 to complete the Tuck jumps (partner #2). KB Swings will be counted cumulatively for a team score at the end of the WOD.
  3. During the 15 min AMRAP, OTME3Minutes: 10 pushups from each person.
  4. For the last 2 minutes of the AMRAP, each person performs as many tuck jumps as possible

Skill - pistol practice using bands or wall Coach was on vacation today so I filled in for him. It was fun to create a WOD and see it play out. Since I didn’t get my own WOD in this morning, I had enjoyed a nice little 4 m run after work today. I didn’t break any speed records but it was one of those times when I just ran to clear my head. And I liked it.                                                   

3/30/12: LK’s WOD

Today’s WOD was:

1. 3x10 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull and Situps

2. Spend 20 minutes working up to 1RM Deadlift (I got 195#, tying my previous PR)

3. OTMEM for 10 minutes:
1-3 DB ground to overhead*
3-5 Knees to elbows*
*both must be done unbroken and in less than 60 seconds

I used 2 30# DBs and got 3 ground to overheads + 5 kness to elbows each round.

3/29/12: LK’s WOD

Today’s WOD was a large task list of movements.  Just looking at the list was intimidating enough but then we were asked to do as much as possible in 5 minutes.  Here’s the list:

10 Handstand Pushups, 20 Pullups, 30 Toes to Bar, 40 Wall Balls, 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 60 Pushups, 70 KB swings, 80 Walking Lunges, 90 Situps, 100 Single Unders

I made it through the Handstand Pushups + 17 Pullups.

We got 5 minutes rest then then started at the beginning again but this time we had  10 minutes to complete as many as possible.  I made it through 30 Wall Balls.

5 more minutes of rest, then we started at the beginning with 15 minutes to do work.  This time, I made it through 39 push-ups (from the knees).  Still protecting the shoulder but already getting tired of hearing myself use that as an excuse.


3/26/2012: LK’s WOD

Today’s WOD was a lesson in pacing, I think.  We were to complete Max Reps per Round/Time of Rope Climbs, Double Unders, Handstand Pushups with 1 minute of rest in between.
Round 1 (1 minute each): I got 5 Plank Rope Climbs, 24 HSPUs and 23 DUs.

Round 2 (2 minutes each): I got 1 real Rope Climb (I made to about 1 foot to the top of the rope, but I’m counting it), 37 HSPUs and 33 DUs.

Round 3 (3 minutes each): I got 17 Plank Rope Climbs, 47 HSPUs and 27 DUs.

Round 4 (4 minutes each): I got 20 Plank Rope Climbs, 92 HSPUs* and 49 DUs.

* Coach helped me with the HSPUs.  We wanted to do a little video so we used the opportunity to film those HSPUs!



3/24/12: LK’s Final Open WOD

So this past weekend marked the final WOD for the CrossFit Open.  I have to say that I’m both glad and sad.  Glad that I don’t have to obsess about how to improve myself as much as possible in a few movements in just a few days.  Sad that I won’t have such a big challenge to look forward to each week.

I decided to do the Open just to see how I fared against other CrossFitters.  I figured I’d be middle of the road for my age and size and I ended up on the low end of being midpack.  I’m okay with that because it sets a goal for me for next year.  And wow, have I ever learned a lot these past few weeks!  My snatches have improved greatly and that has translated over to improved cleans.  I’ve learned that my kipping pullup looks like the weirdest, most broken and ugly thing ever.  Now that I’ve seen it on video, I’m on a mission to fix it. 

At any rate, the last WOD of the Open was to complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following this rep scheme: 3 Barbell Thrusters, 3 Chest to bar Pull-ups, 6 Barbell Thrusters, 6 Chest to bar Pull-ups, 9 Barbell Thrusters, 9 Chest to bar Pull-ups, etc., adding 3 reps each round.

I didn’t get very far because of those Chest to bar Pullups and my pitiful kip.  My final score was 12.  That’s right - 12 (3 thrusters + 3 chest to bar pullips + 6 thrusters).  But you know what?  I got 3 Chest to bar pullups and I’ve never done that before at all.  So I still consider it a success. 

After a few minutes of rest, we were able to bang out 85 Handstand Pushups for Homeless Vets, too!  Click here if you want to see the video!


3/23/12: LK’s WOD

I’ve got a little catching up to do!  It’s been a busy few days.  I had holiday from work on Friday, 3/23 but I still got in my morning WOD:

We spent 5 minutes finding max broad jump and then 5 minutes finding max vertical jump.  We compared these to the last time we tested these back on February.  My max broad jump was 6 feet last month and I made it to 6’6” this time around!  My vertical jump was unchanged at 13.25”.

Next we did a 10 min AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats.  I modified this one to protect the shoulder (I did aussie pullups and pushups from the knees) and I got 10 rounds.

We finished up with Tabata Drills (20” work, 10” rest).  We did 3 sets of GHD situps, Ab roller, and Toes to Bar.  I didn’t really do the Toes to Bar at all because of the shoulder.

After the WOD, I went home and had a shower and nice big breakfast and then went hiking for a few hours.  Got home in time for lunch and a few minutes of rest and then headed out for a quick kayak trip.  It was a rainy day for the most part but we had a breaks in the rain just long enough for both excursions, so it really couldn’t have been much more perfect!  I sure did sleep well that night and I felt like I made the most of my precious time off work!  Being outdoors (even in the rain) is wonderful for the soul.


3/21/12: LK’s WOD

After a little PVC pipe warm up, we did:

Barbell complex for 10 rounds of 5 deadlifts + 5 Hang Power Cleans + 5 Push Jerks

We were required to use the same weight for all three movements, once the bar leaves the ground on the first deadlift it can’t touch the ground until after the 5th jerk. We were given 2 minutes of rest between rounds, increasing weight as possible each round.  My sets were 45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90 (my last round was incomplete, as I could not grip the bar enough to execute the HPCs).

After a rest, we did 5 rounds of 5 Skull crushers with 1 minute rest between sets.  I used 2x20# dbs for all 5 rounds.

After another rest, we did 5 rounds of 5 Strict Curls with 1 minute rest between sets.  I used 2x20# dbs for the first 2 sets and then grabbed a 45# bar for the last three.

I’m beginning to love those Hang Power Cleans and I feel like a new PR is on the way real soon!


3/19/12: LK’s WOD

Well I’m still tired from all those wall balls yesterday…but here’s what was on the board for today’s WOD:

3 X Max Pullups (3 min rest b/w rounds): I got 7, 5, and 4
3 X Max Ring Dips (3 min rest b/w rounds): I got 6, 6, and 3

10 Rounds for Time (20 min time cap):
25 Double Unders OR 100 Single Unders
10 pushups (chest to desk)
10 situps

I chose single unders because I knew I could blow through those faster than fumbling around with double-unders.  I finished in 19:25.  Those pushups were the hardest part by far today!